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The Spirit of the Twentieth Century

Jenny Sparks
1 January 1900
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It might have had its rough spots, but the 20th century was a lot more fun than most people gave it credit for, you know. I mean, at what other point in time could you dance with lovesick supermen while their fiancees fretted in neighboring dimensions? Get banged up for swearing in Martian? Worshipped as a minor deity in a lost, forgotten jungle? Lead the charge in a covert World War Three against aggressors at the center of the Earth? Or swim through the avenues of Atlantis with John Lennon and Jacques Cousteau?

We're living in an age when gods walk the Earth and get knee-walking drunk with us on Friday nights. A time of winged women, global shamans, and men who know how you're going to die just by looking at you. Enjoy it while you still have the ability to suck air...

-From the journal of Colonel Jennifer Sparks

The PB for Jenny Sparks is Heidi Mount.

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